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Look into my eyes… Now where’s that treat?
Presley is a sucker for belly rubs.
You won’t meet a happier boy: happy to spend time outdoors, happy to be your jogging partner or happy to lay against you (he wouldn’t object to being pet while cuddling, either).
Kirra is a lover of all creatures, with two or four legs. She’s gorgeous, young and potty trained: how could you ask for more?
Hey, ladies. I’m neutered.
They don’t get any better looking than Rommel.
Know where Jade is heading? To her very own foster home! This sweetie will be at a healthy weight in no time and she’s available for adoption:

Jade needs a foster home! This sweet girl is sometimes shy at first, but warms up quickly and loves everyone; people and dogs alike. To learn more about Jade or to donate towards her care, please visit Coastal’s website:


Jade needs a foster home in Orange County, CA… one that will love her and allow her to soak up the sun. She couldn’t be sweeter, especially considering the life she had before rescue, and is so smart (typical GSD). Please consider helping Jade- it’s a life changer for everyone!

Woody is a happy, playful, fun-loving, gorgeous boy who only wants to be your best friend. He was very skinny when rescued from the shelter, but we’re working on fattening him up (which he looooooves)!

Does this ocean make my butt look big?

Barnaby has had a rough start, but you’d never know it from his permanent smile.

Rebel is a perfect gentleman just waiting for the right person to come along and swoop him up.

Barnaby (shepherd mix) and Zoe enjoying the park. Both happy, friendly, house-trained pups who love all people and dogs, even small ones!