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Coastal GSR saved Achilles and his family (mom & 9 pups!) from a high-kill shelter. The entire family will be available for adoption at the end of the month:

Rebel is a perfect gentleman just waiting for the right person to come along and swoop him up.

Barnaby (shepherd mix) and Zoe enjoying the park. Both happy, friendly, house-trained pups who love all people and dogs, even small ones!
So talented, Maggie can balance people on her nose.
Woody loves going for walks, being pet and licking you until he reaches your center.
Can’t… Stop… Smiling!
Rebel isn’t trying to “out pretty” you… he just has no control over his incredible good looks:

Handsome?  Check.  Adorable?  Check.  Sweet?  Check.  Smart as can be and with an enormous head that makes you want to laugh and laugh?  Check!